Thanks for signing up for text alerts about April.

Support Info

Since April has had her calf there is no urgent need to send an actual text message. They are expensive for AAP and since they are only 160 characters not much can be said in a text anyway.
As a better alternative all of the content will be at . Other texts may be sent but you can look at that link on Fridays in May to see new stuff. If your phone won't open the link try it on any device.
To get into the contents page-- U.S. people- do not put a +1 in front of your number. Just put your ten digits like 2349872211. If you live outside the US do put +(country code) )(+44, etc) and your number- also try it with and without the leading zeros.
There are two things I can think of that I would welcome an email about because I am here to help:
-If you cannot log in forward me your PayPal receipt and I'll get you in the system.
-If you need a refund for a duplicate text alert payment please forward me your transaction ID(s) or PayPal receipt(s) (or both!) and I'll get you refunded.
My email address is
Happy Giraffe Watching,

(AAP hired my team and I to build and support the text alert system).
Again- if you can login with your email at then you are all set.